Learning with a passion


The vision for CSE has been with me for some time. While spending time traveling and educating for John Paul Mitchell Systems and Donald Scott NYC, I have seen the need for hands on education. I love trade shows and being able to entertain larger groups of people, but while sitting in the audience, a hair stylist can only retain so much information. The objective for CSE is to create a hands on, interactive learning experience for stylist, as well as #Bcreative and follow our passion. CSE not only wants every person to grow and learn from a class, but also wants them to feel comfortable with the learning experience.

What is our mission? To keep learning fun yet relevant. To stoke your passion for our craft. To help the hair stylist be more comfortable in a business environment, to cultivate your professionalism and become a leader. To strive to solve all our hair questions. To make sure you not only understand the basics, but also learn to become more creative. To grow in an industry that had endless possibilities.

- Rachelle King
Creator, Educator & Visionary



More than just Learning


So many presentations and CE classes are demonstration only. Sure, you are shown new techniques or given useful information, but how much information do you truly retain in order to put any of what you have learned into practice. With Creative Style Education we practice 10% shifts. What does that mean? It is our goal that after attending just one of our workshops, you will be able to go back and make at least a 10% difference in your work environment, and make those changes a habit. After attending a series of our workshops, and making a real commitment to continuing your education, it's our hope that you will be able to make a 100% impact, through not only skills improvement, greater motivation, and improved efficiency, but also as a result of increased creativity, professionalism and passion.


“Dear Seanne and Rachelle... 
Thank you for a great class and a good time. It was kept right on course, very informative and helpful. I work alone and need the stimulation and new techniques. I look forward to working with you both again. Thanks again!"
- Carmen R.

"This class was worth the 3 hour drive! I Love how the Bangs were done, I love how she took the heaviness away from the longer side. I feel like Rachelle has so much to teach and I wanted more. Just working on my goals was a good reminder for me. You can’t hit the Target if you don’t know what it is!!

Thanks! I hope that I can make future Educational Opportunities with CSE!!"

- Marcella Osenbaugh-Valle
  Cella-Mar Studio of Hair Design, Dundee, MI